Commercial Kitchen Lease – Dallas

February 27, 2008

This 2,946 S.F. end cap location was a State certified Kitchen for donut wholesale manufacturing. It has a grease trap and two hoods remaining. This space is centrally located , has great curb appeal and ample parking. This unit has two sets of washrooms, office, storage and kitchen area. .

This property is owner leased – managed and Maintained. Walter 214-728-2755


11 Responses to “Commercial Kitchen Lease – Dallas”

  1. Vince Corona Says:

    We are currently leasing a kitchen in an office building and we are looking to expand to a bigger loction.

    Vince Corona
    Owner, Creative Cuisine

  2. Richard Williams Says:

    Interested in space for bakery use. Can be reached on 214 317-1756.

  3. Pam Says:

    I would like to lease a commercial kitchen on a part-time basis. I am not interested in a store front, just a kitchen. It must be a “bakers” kitchen.

  4. Barbara Adams Says:

    Very interested in information about leasing your kitchen by hour. Can you please give me some details and information as to location?

    Thank you,

  5. Beverly Chapman Says:

    Please send pictures of kitchen. I am a nonprofit and I need kitchen from June 1 thru August 26th. The hours needed are M-F 9-4

    Beverly Chapman

  6. Becky Bosque Says:

    This post is a 1 1/2 years old so I was checking if the kitchen was available to lease.

  7. Holly Says:


    I just saw this add and I was wondering if this kitchen is still for lease. if so would you be able to send me some more information about the place.


    Holly McWilliams

  8. ben hutchison Says:

    sirs, is this space still available? i need a commercial kitchen for lease or sale for a catering company. any leads would be appreciated. thanks, ben hutchison

  9. Czarina Says:

    is this space still available?

  10. Teresa Says:

    Is the kitchen in Dallas available.

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