Shared Kitchen – Seattle

February 29, 2008

Cookspace! We are located in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood, close to the Seattle Center and downtown. We have ranges, ovens, mixers, tables galore, a dishwasher, huge 3-basin sink – most of the big equipment needed to get a small business started!

Our kitchen is full of natural light with windows on two sides and there are a lot of good people working in here that support, advise, encourage and at times even work for each other.

For more information, give us a call at 206-283-6003 or email.

501 2nd Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119


35 Responses to “Shared Kitchen – Seattle”

  1. Debra Lane Says:

    We are launching a new shared Commissary kitchen in Lynnwood, Snohomish county, right off of 1-5. We are a few miles north of Seattle and our kitchen will be available for full and part time rentals Fall 2008. It will be Snohomish county health department inspected and also WSDA certified.

    Fully equipped with multiple walk in refrigerators and freezers, variety of cooking and prep equipment. Actively managed.

    The Culinary Cooperative – Kitchen space for Food Entrepreneurs

    contact: Debra Lane
    206-229-3676 coming soon

  2. Debra Lane Says:

    We are also getting USDA certified which means we can have meat based dishes prepared at this facility for wholesale sale.

  3. Holly Byerly Says:

    I am very interested in renting a commercial cooking space on a part-time basis if that’s possible. Could you please contact me at with more information on Cookspace, including availability and rates? Thanks! Holly Byerly

  4. Rolands Abermanis Says:

    I am trying to find out about renting commercial kitchen space for my new product.
    I require very little space mostly counterspace and a microwave, any ideas. You can reach me at 425-466-2176.
    Thankyou for your time, RA

  5. Geniece Kinney Says:

    I would like rental information and prices please.

  6. Bob Nowlin Says:

    I am looking for a commercial kitchen that
    has walk in fridge and commercial kitchen equipment that I can use and also has a parking lot where I can
    use my portable BBQ smoker for brisket, pork and ribs.

  7. Are you all still up and running? Please send me a rate sheet, scheduling requirements, etc.

    best regards,


  8. Maggie Says:


    We saw your advertisement for a shared cook space at the Seattle location. We are interested in rental rates and availability. Additionally, have you ever worked with a client who was concerned with food allergies? Our product would be catering to a food allergy market and we need to understand if a shared cook space would meet our needs in this regard.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Maggie Safranski

    • becca Says:


      I realize your posting is over a year old, but wondering if you ever found a suitable space. I am in a similar situation and currently researching options, inlcuding my own kitchen.


      • Cookspace Says:

        Hello Maggie –

        We have kitchen space available at Cookspace in Seattle. Please email me at or call us at 206-283-6003.

        We have been in business for five years in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Our kitchen is bright and cheerful, has parking and is very clean.

        Hope to hear back from you!


  9. I’m interested in your rates. Also, I want to start making and selling cheese. Do you have storage space for rent?

  10. GretchenPfeffer Says:

    Dear Debra,
    Is your commercial available for use at this time and what do you charge. We are looking for one in the greater Seattle area. We have a chocolate / candy product. Would you kitchen qualify for this purpose.
    Please advise,
    My tel is 206- 282-3381/ cell -206-321-9647
    Thank you ,
    Gretchen Pfeffer

  11. Sol Gonzalez Says:

    HI there,
    My friend and I are interested in renting kitchen space for a catering business plan. I would like to have more information about your spaces, costs, time, parking, etc.
    Sol Gonzalez.

  12. Pat Nevegold Says:

    I am researching kitchen rentals in the greater Seattle area. In particular, I would be interested in a kitchen capable of making bagels (stove tops, ovens, mixers, tables, etc.) Would you please send me information about costs and conditions related to renting kitchen space.

    Thank you.

    Pat Nevegold

  13. Debra Says:

    The kitchen is on hold due to the banking crisis and lack of funding anywhere to be found for small businesses. I know its a much needed service, we plan to try again in a couple of years.

  14. Taz Says:

    Is this kitchen space still available to rent?

  15. Dennis Todd Says:

    I am looking for a commercial kitchen i can use up to 4x/mnth.Nights are fine.Thank you, Dennis Todd

    • Cookspace Says:

      Hi Todd –

      If you are still interested in a kitchen, please give us a call at 206-283-6003 to set up a tour and get more information.

      Thanks and good luck!


  16. Alex Says:

    Please send me a rate sheet, scheduling requirements, etc.

    • Cookspace Says:

      Hello Bonnie –

      If you are still looking for a commercial kitchen, please give us a call to set up a time for a tour and get more information.

      Thank you –


  17. Bonnie Walker Says:

    I am looking for a commissary kitchen in your neighborhood. Please let me know what your rates are. Do you have the outdoor space to use a smoker for brisket? Are you still available?

    • Cookspace Says:

      Good Evening, Bonnie –

      If you are still looking for a commercial kitchen, please give us a call to set up a time for a tour. We do have space available.

      We have a loading area outside that some people have used for smoking meats, but you must be on site to monitor it at all times. If you care to follow up, we can talk more about it. It is a possibility!

      We hope to hear from you soon –


  18. Cookspace Says:

    For those of you interested in renting commercial kitchen space in Seattle, please call Cookspace at 206-283-6003. We have not looked at this posting for a few years but people are leaving messages requesting information! Please call us, rather than posting something here.

    Also, we are NOT the kitchen in Lynnwood that never opened due to lack of funding. We have been open and helping small culinary businesses since February 2006.

    Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!


  19. Debra Lane Says:

    The Lynnwood kitchen is NOW OPEN and ready for tenants during our remodel. Please contact Debra Lane @ 206-229-3676 or

  20. K Goddard Says:

    Is there any GLUTEN FREE KITCHEN SPACE for rent in Seattle??? I just need a small counter top space.

    • Rebecca Says:

      We have a dedicated GF bakery in Bellevue. it is private, but I am not opposed to looking into renting it on a limited basis for the right person / product. We only have ovens – no cooktops. Please let me know how many hours a week, what days & times, and what kind of product (s) you are making. Also any equipment needs, and storage space needs.

  21. mike Says:

    I’m really just inquiring how much you charge and how you charge per hour poor day ?

  22. Jared Says:

    There is also a bakery in the Seattle area offering to rent space for pastry chefs and bakers. For more information email

  23. Georgio Says:

    My name is georgio I,m a su-chef looking for a commercial ketchen to make desirable foods my number(425-445-0033)call if u could help out thanks…….

  24. Lima Skillion Says:

    My name is Lima…I am interested in your commercial full kitchen part-time rental…looking to open a specialized food catering business specifically for weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduations, retirrements and special occations. Food cooking and preparations will take about 4 hours. I am ready to do business, please call so we can figure it out for what works for both of us. Also looking for suggestions, advise or referrals. Thank you for your time.

  25. Lima Skillion Says:

    Sorry I forgot to give you my number…Lima Skillion 206 354-5688.

  26. Wendi Says:

    For those of you interested in getting more info about Cookspace, please contact us directly by calling 206-283-6003. This website does not seem to be forwarding inquires. We are sorry if you feel we have ignored you – it was not intentional. Thank you for your interest! –Cookspace, Seattle

  27. Debra Lane Says:

    If you are looking for a kitchen in the north end, we have space available at the Culinary Cooperative. Contact us directly

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