Shared Commercial Kitchen in Lancaster PA

July 22, 2008

A brand new facility on Plum Street in Lancaster PA will be ready in October of 2008.

The facility will be 1200+sq ft and has 10 burner range, convection oven, walk-in fridge & walk-in freezer space, & ample prep area.  Reasonable hourly rate.  Users will be expected to bring their own small wares and have liability insurance.  Email for more details or to set up a visit to the kitchen.


4 Responses to “Shared Commercial Kitchen in Lancaster PA”

  1. tillo brendle-ratcliff Says:

    Dear Leah,
    I have just started a home buisness at the end of july.I make 7 diffrent kinds of cookies,and I think I may need to have a bigger oven to bake them in come the end of nov..I work 3-11 shift at masonic village as a nurse,so possibly I would use the kitchen in the a.m.mon.,or tues,or possibly wed. in the a.m. early.I only use my oven right now and I think that using your facility would cut my time tremendously.I also have a stand at columbia mkt. thurs. and fri. am.Could you give me a ball park est. on how much it would cost me to use your kitchen?.hm.1.717.361.0988,or cell1.717.679.2311.
    Tillo Ratcliff-Purple Orchid cookie co.

  2. I would like to set up a tour of the Plum Street Shared Commercial Kitchen. I am the Ag Marketing Specialist for Washington County Maryland. There is interest in the county setting up a similar facility. Please contact me by email or phone 301-791-1504 ext 21.


  3. An update to our previous listing: we now have a website from which potential kitchen users can download our registration packet. We also now have 2 convection ovens and a meat slicer. Thanks!

  4. heather smith Says:

    Hello, I an helping with a school fund raiser for Wharton elementary school. We are looking for a kitchen to cook alot of soup!!! Our fundraiser is October 24,2013. We would prepare the soup before this date …not sure yet on date. Would we be able to use this kitchen?? It would be a bunch of PTO moms. Thanks, Heather Smith .

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