Shared Use Kitchen – North Dallas

July 30, 2008

650 sqft, fully-equipped kitchen with 2 convection ovens, 10 burner stove, walk in cooler and freezer, 20qt mixer, etc available in North Dallas, Texas. Rates start at $25 per hour. Agreements for weekly and monthly rates also available.

Each renter will need to supply references and have liability insurance (or tag onto ours). For those who are interested,  please contact: 214.354.7650.


4 Responses to “Shared Use Kitchen – North Dallas”

  1. jan Says:

    I have had the opportunity to rent this kitchen on a number of occasions while I started my baking business.

    They have all the equipment necessary and the ladies that own it are a delight to work with. They were very helpful in assisting me with the requirements necessary to begin working there as well as some good solid business advice as to where to take my business to the next level.

    I recommend this facility and the people that own it very highly.


  2. Where is the kitchen located?

  3. Looking for kitchen rental for September, October and November.
    Price ?

    • I am a new start up business and I am exploring options in manufacturing my own products. I need to find out your requirements other than those mentioned. I would, also, like to know what licenses you, as an establishment, operate and I would require any additional license other than my Texas Co-Packer Manufacturer License. Last question, where is the location to this N. Dallas Kitchen? Is there entry contact person to and from upon agreement, is there staff for entry and are there inspector or inspection regulations I need to be advised for my productions?

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