Commercial Kitchen – Austin, TX

August 28, 2008

The Kitchen Space is Austin’s premier commercial kitchen rental facility. It has been specifically designed for small food businesses that need a large, commercial kitchen but cannot afford to set up their own. It is also perfect for individuals or groups who want to experience the pleasure of cooking in a large commercial kitchen equipped with commercial-grade appliances.

The facility kitchen is 2100 sq ft divided into 3 individual commercial kitchens, each of which can be rented by the hour. One commercial kitchen is setup to accommodate cooking demos, the 2nd commercial kitchen is a regular catering kitchen, and the third commercial kitchen is exclusively for bakers and pastry chefs. In addition to the commercial kitchens, you also have access to a range of amenities including ample cold and dry storage and a business center. Our East Austin location provides easy access to all of Austin and the surrounding areas.

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2 Responses to “Commercial Kitchen – Austin, TX”

  1. searchingforhelp Says:

    links to and do not work. Shabby at best.

  2. Will Benson Says:

    cc to kbpb2002@ yahoo please. I would like to rent prep space for now to grind meat and make sausage. Is there a meat grinder on site? Please send rates for space and refridgeration space also. Thanks

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