Kitchen Incubator – Pasadena, CA

February 24, 2009

Mama’s Small Business Kitchen Incubator is a non-profit kitchen that has a 2500 square foot shared commercial kitchen for rent by the hour in Pasadena, CA. Hourly rates vary. Please contact Larry Bressler for additional information and your rental needs.

Mama’s Small Business Kitchen Incubator
45 North San Gabriel Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 744-9995


15 Responses to “Kitchen Incubator – Pasadena, CA”

  1. I’m planning to start my own home made tasting salsa. I’m looking into all the legal, sanitazion aspects and need to rent a licensed kitchen to prepare my salsas. Please let me know how much you charge per hour and what are your requirements to allow me to use your kitchen. Thank you

  2. Simon Koechl Says:

    I am looking for a kitchen to bake cookies for a few days 4-6 hours a week. Must be willing to share or have business license. I am located in the La Crescenta/Glendale area. Please respond at the address above.

  3. Paul Says:

    i would like to visit and see your kitchen and i would like to know how much per hour or does the price vary depending on what is used electricity,gas,etc.
    thank you for your time
    Paul Manchento

  4. We are looking for a kitchen to rent, but are in the so. riverside county area. Do you know of any Kitchen Incubators in our area? I have searched and searched and can’t seem to find one. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you! Trisha

  5. Leaha Pompey Says:

    I was wondering what your rates are and what are the requirements. I am thinking of starting a meal business for families weekly.

    Leaha Pompey

  6. Christy Hedges Says:

    am interested in using the kitchen incubator for a project i have please contact me at 626-826-1845 or 626-799-7205

  7. Hi Chef Bressler!!

    Just saw your name while looking for a kitchen rental. I am working on expanding my event planning with florals business into full event service including catering. Most of my events are Westside, but I would love to know more about your space in Pasadena.

    So great to see a familiar name on the screen! How are you doing?

    Warmest Wishes,

  8. David Subia Says:

    My name is David and run a small bbq catering service. I would like to use your facility’s for upcoming events and need pring on your rental. I would need the use of a stove and a place to prep meats and vegetables.
    Thank You
    David Subia.

  9. Hello,

    I am looking for a price quote for kitchen space. I sell baked goods and is looking for space starting in November. I believe I will need about 20 hours per week.

    Thank you!

  10. BRIAN Says:


    I’m looking to use a conveyor oven (although an oven that uniformly cooks/heats will do). I also seek the use of approx. 1 sq. foot of refrigerator space, and the intermittent use of a sink.

    My goal is to perfect the cooking time of various baked goods in a dependable oven w/ uniform heating/cooking.

    Would you please inform me on what the rental cost would be per hour during the day/night?



  11. Maury Says:

    Hi Larry interested in finding out more about your kitchen rental, rates, dates available for the Christmas holiday

  12. Lisa Woo Says:

    I am interested in finding out rates for renting your commercial kitchen. Thanks! Lisa

  13. Monica Says:


    I’m new at selling my bakery and am thinking down the line I might need to rent kitchen space. I live in the Playhouse district in Pasadena. What are your hourly rates and guidelines for renting health code-approved commercial kitchen space?

    Thank you for your help.


  14. Sally Says:

    I’m looking for a catchy name for a new kitchen incubator. Any ideas?

  15. leila cabate Says:

    hi larry,

    we’re planning to make bbq’s and will be needing a kitchen that has all the necessary permits. can you please provide me with more information about how you do the rentals?

    thank you,


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