For those interested in starting a food business, here’s where you can find suitable commercial kitchens for rent. The owners/leasing managers of these kitchen spaces have graciously given me permission to post their information on here. Thanks for looking.


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  1. Michele Ward Says:

    How do I register to list my kitchen in Atascadero, Ca for rent?
    Thank you,
    Michele Ward

  2. lauren Says:

    hi-i am looking for a commercial kitchen to rent in the los angeles area. need commercial mixer
    thank you

  3. Sandra Says:

    We are creating a shared kitchen in Kent ,WA and would like you to post our information. Any questions please feel free to contct me.

  4. Herb Says:

    Please let me know how to get the information about my commercial kitchen in Austin, TX listed.


  5. Debra Lane Says:

    We are building out a large commercial kitchen space with production area, multiple cook stations and complete food business support with a resource library, Business center and client meeting room in the Lynnwood WA area. How do we get listed? Thank you

    Debra Lane
    The Culinary Cooperative

  6. I would like to list my commerical kitchen with your web site. We have 650sq. ft of a fully equipped kitchen, 2 convection ovens, 10 burner stove, walk in cooler and freezer, 20qt mixer and such.

    Let me know how to post our space. We are located in North Dallas, Texas.


    Donna Hendricks
    Co-Owner 214.354-7650

  7. Azim Nagree Says:


    We are the owners of The Kitchen Space, a commercial kitchen rental facility in Austin. We are listed on the right hand side but it would be great to be listed in the “Austin” section as well. Please let me know if you need any additional information.


  8. john fanali Says:

    how do you post an ad on this site???

  9. I would like to post my commercial kitchen for rent on your site.


    Elizabeth Cuff
    Sierra Kitchen & Cafe. Inc

  10. Rykk Says:

    we have an commercial kitchen available for rental by the hour, in Venice California … would like to post-list this on your “Comm.KitchenRental” website … how may we go about doing so ?? … thanx!

  11. Julie farr Says:

    would like information about posting our kitchen due to open soon in the Atlanta, GA area

  12. tricia rago Says:

    Hi: I’m the owner of KitchenNYC, a commercial kitchen in NYC which you are promoting on your site. I was wondering if there was a way to list the kitchen as being in New York City, not in Mid-town Manhattan as I think that someone looking for a kitchen in NYC might not scan down the list to the “M’s” for mid-town Manhattan. I would so much appreciate it if you could list me along with the other kitchen in NYC. Thanks so much for your help and thank you so much for promoting KitchenNYC. Tricia Rago

  13. Neide Says:

    I’d like to get more info about renting a kitchen; about contract and everything.
    Thank you
    If you have a contract, please send me by email.
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. tamar Says:

    Hi, how do I go about posting my commerical kitchen on your website? Thank you, Tami

  15. Kitchen of Dreams Says:

    Hi, My name is Cindy and I have a 2,000 sq ft commercial rental kitchen in Largo, FL. I would like to post our information on your website. How do I do that? Thanks, Cindy
    Kitchen of Dreams 727-953-9879

  16. Chrysta Says:

    Commercial Kitchen available for rent. $22/hour.

    About Me

    I’m the owner of a retail bakery, but started my food business 3 years ago by renting commercial kitchen spaces by the hour to grow my business.

    I’m not using my kitchen for the majority of the day and night, and am looking to bring bakers and cooks in to utilize my space. You will be able to work by yourself from 7pm-5am, and if you choose to work daytime hours (5am-7pm) you may be working side-by-side me and my staff. It’s a big place–we can make it work!

    Well, I am the answer to your challenge. I have all the space and equipment for you, as well as the health deparment permits and “A” rating.

    About the Rental

    For $22/hour (rates negotiable when you book multiple hours), you get access to two double convection ovens, two 5 quart mixers, one 30 quart mixer, 1 large induction burner (for stovetop cooking), coffee maker, stainless steel prep table, walk-in cooler to store your items while you cook/cake. You’ll also get access to all Health Department permits required to bake/cook food for sale in LA County and at ALL LA County Farmer’s Markets.

    You’ll be responsible for purchasing your own ingredients and baking pans/dishes. If you decide to rent the space, you’ll have to provide me with all of your contact information, a copy of your driver’s license, 2 references. This is for the security of my bakery. It’s all standard. :)

    If you’re interested, please respond to this post. I’ll then email you back, and we can work out arrangements for you to tour the kitchen. Hopefully, we can be partners in the space, and you can grow your food business the way I did mine.

    Kiss My Bundt Bakery

  17. Courtney Saye Says:

    We are a catering company in Kansas City, and we will be offering our kitchen in the off hours for rent by the hour. Let me know how to post our space. Thanks!

  18. Mama’s Small business Kitchen Incubator is a non-profit kitchen that has a 2500 Square foot shared commercial kitchen for rent by the hour in Pasadena, CA. Hourly rates vary between $20 and $25 per hour.

    Please contact Larry Bressler for additional information and your rental needs.

    Mama’s Small Business Kitchen Incubator
    45 North San Gabriel Blvd.
    Pasadena, CA 91107
    (626) 744-9995

  19. I would like to learn how to post a listing for our shared use commercial kitchen located in Philadelphia at 1514 South St. We have a catering kitchen with 8 burner stove, grill, griddle and fryer and a baking kitchen with 2 convection ovens, a 20 quart mixer and a 6 burner stove. We also have shared freezer and refrigeration space.

    Emily Pollack
    Philly Kitchen Share
    (917) 558-3922

  20. rick Says:

    I would like to list my website with you
    thank you

  21. annalisa Says:

    I would like to list my website with your site, what are your requirements?

    please advise,


  22. annalisa Says:

    Please tell me how to list my site with you.



  23. Kristine Says:

    Hi, we have a commercial kitchen for rent in Orange, CA. How can we be listed on this site? Thank you. -Kristine

  24. Brandon Jahnke Says:


    I would like to post my commercial kitchen for rent,
    Rent A Kitchen Tampa. How do I post it on your site?
    thank you.

  25. DIXIE TUCKER Says:


  26. Hollis Fay Says:

    Another commercial kitchen for your site!

    Farm Kitchen commercial kitchen is located between Poulsbo, Kingston, Bainbridge Island, Washington on a 18 acre organic farm.

    Fully equipped kitchen, 2 convection ovens, 3 stone hearth decks, 2/ 6 burner w/oven Ranges, 60qt, 20qt mixers, table top Rondo sheeter, work tables, pans, pots, basic utensils, freezer, walk-in cooler.

    Business & product consulting available as well.
    Check out kitchen info at or call 360-297-6615

    Hollis Fay co-owner

  27. Mike Says:

    I need to rent commercial kitchen space in or around Arlington North Virginia. A commercial mixer is required. If there is anybody wanting to lease or share let me know.

  28. Lynn Ruoff Says:

    How do I get my restaurant for rent listed?:
    Commercial Kitchen/small restaurant for rent
    900 sq. ft.
    $1,700/month Available Oct. 1, 2009 – sooner negotiable. Turn-key space except for dishwasher/sink owned by current tenant.
    970-319-9434 Carbondale, CO

  29. Hour Kitchen Says:

    I would like to list my sahred-use commercial kitchen in Dallas, Texas on your website. Please let me know how to go about it.


  30. Well-equipped kitchen I-45N & 610N

    Rent by hour, shared 1900 sq ft.

    Ample refrigeration & oven space.

    Check website for details.

    $20 per hour, 8 hour blocks (will split)

    281 691 4426

  31. Sandie Says:


    We have two certified commercial kitchens available for hourly rental, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Fort Worth, TX. Visit our website for more information, Can you please list us on your site?


  32. I have a commercial kitchen rental space in Vancouver, BC Canada Is it possible to get a listing?



  33. How do we list our kitchen with the site. Please let me know. 6612504743 or Sarah

  34. Just Call Us Kitchen Rental. A 24/7 shared use kitchen centrally located in San Diego Ca 4445 Clairemont Mesa Blvd 92117
    619 306 2765 Julie

  35. Kate Idzorek Says:

    The UAF Cooperative Extension Service has recently opened our research test kitchen for use by small producers to access a DEC certified commercial kitchen. We are located in Fairbanks, AK. Our kitchen rental fee is $20.00 per hour, open 7 days a week from 7am-10pm. Is it possible to have our kitchen posted on your blog as well? Thank you so much for this service. It is so exciting to see increased access of production locations for small producers.

  36. Tim Nisly Says:

    The South Valley Economic Development Center operates a 3000 sq. ft kitchen in Albuquerque, NM. We’re a nonprofit business incubator home to over 50 food entrepreneurs, provide 24 hour access, comprehensive training on regulator & business issues, and have a great community of entrepreneurs. More information is available at Would you list our operation as well please?

  37. Chefs Center of California (Formerly Mama’s Kitchen) is a shared commercial kitchen for rent by the hour. We are an ideal resource for a caterer or anyone who needs to prepare food in a commercially licensed kitchen.

    Our kitchen has the following resources:

    • 1500 square foot kitchen
    • 5 each – 6 burner range with still oven
    • 2 each – 40# Capacity Deep Fryers
    • 48” Gas Grill
    • Salamander/Cheese Melter
    • Double Stock Pot Stove
    • Triple Deck Pizza Oven
    • 4 Spit Rotisserie with a 20 Bird Capacity
    • Convection steamer with a 9 each hotel pan capacity
    • Electric Slicer
    • 20 Quart Mixer
    • 7 each doors of reach in refrigeration space
    • 2 each doors of reach in freezer space
    • Large walk in refrigerator and walk in freezer

    Our hourly rate is between $20 and $25 per hour for kitchen use.

    Our requirements for kitchen use are:

    1. Clients provide a current Servsafe certificate
    2. Clients have a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy
    3. Clients provide a $250.00 security deposit

    Please give me call so we can discuss your needs and to see if you have any questions about our property or to arrange a tour.


  38. We have a 400 sq ft lobby and office that is attached to our 4,000 sq ft commercail kitchen for rent. Also we are a shared commercial kitchen.

    thank you

  39. Deru Says:

    We are a shared use commercial kitchen located in downtown Kirkland, WA 0.5 miles from I405. Available for rent by the hour, our kitchen is 1,700 sq. ft. and brand new. We are passionate about the food community and excited for people to come and join us!!! Email me for more information!

  40. We would like to list our kitchen rental in Orange County, CA on your site. We are located at 30251 Golden Lantern, Lsguna Niguel, Ca 92677. Our phone number is 949-495-3684. We have ample space, top of the line equipment and great customer service.

  41. Aria Says:

    Hi There…I just launched a Commercial Manufacturing Incubator in Los Angeles nearby to Burbank. I would love if you could post it for me. We are 4,000 sq feet of warehouse, walk in coolers, and Kitchen space.

    8922 Norris Ave
    Sun Valley, CA


  42. Faye Phillips Luther Says:


    We have commercial kitchen facilities in Longmont, Boulder and soon, Denver, Colorado. We would love to be posted on your page. Please contact me regarding the details and how I can get the information to you.

    Thank you so much!

    Faye Phillips Luther
    Kitchen Share of Colorado

  43. Faye Phillips Luther Says:

    My contact phone number is 303-601-7675.

  44. Lori Ott Says:

    I would like to list my kitchen on your site. Kitchen Co-Op is located in Prescott, Az at 697 6th St Suite 208. It is 1100 square feet with 10 burner range, double 5 shelf Garland ovens, 20 qt, 12 qt and 6 qt mixers, prep tables, large bakery table, freezers and refrigerator space, dry storage, shared pots, pans & utensils, as well as many shared small appliances. Full dish washing area and cleaning products. Contact Lori at 480-296-8802

  45. Lynn Dinisi Says:

    I’m looking to rent a commercial kitchen in the Danbury Ct area.
    Please let me know if there are any out there.
    Thanks so much,

  46. Sarah Says:


    We are a commercial wholesale bakery kitchen located in Santa Clarita (Los Angeles). Our space is total 3500 sq.ft including a 60 and 140 qt mixer, single rack oven, double stack oven, 8 stock pot burners, walk in cooler, walk in freezer, lots of prep and packaging tables. I can provide pictures. You can also go to
    or JamWest Caribbean Foods on Facebook to view pictures.

    Contact info:

    JamWest Foods
    26470 Ruether Ave.,#107
    Santa Clarita, CA, 91350


    Would you please post our info. Thanks.


  47. Dawn Says:

    I have a Certified Commercial Kitchen in Orange county NY….can be found at Would love for you to ad it.

  48. jennifer lemons Says:

    I am looking for a commercial kitchen to rent November 12-17th in the kansas city area. If you xan help me with a list of those available, I would certainly appreciate it.
    Thanks so much!

  49. Hi Jennifer, We are located through out Florida. We currently have some interest for a franchise in the Kanas City area but no one has yet agreed to come on board yet.

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